Take Control of Your Health

Chronic Care Management (CCM) solutions intended to improve care coordination in the two-thirds of all Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions eligible for CCM services have significant deficiencies—

  • Not Cost Effective:
    Tech solutions for practice personnel require higher value staff to provide service.
  • No Clinician or Practice Buy In:
    Outsourced solutions are not integrated into the practice engender no physician or staff loyalty.
  • Potential for Conflicts and Confusion:
    Patients can get confused when practice nurses and call center all provide medical guidance.

Competitive Advantage

KinergyCare lay patient navigator model offers significant advantages over competitive approaches.

Biggest Challenges

What if we could call each of your chronically ill patients every month, under your direction and reported back to you — extension of your staff?  Is that valuable? We can do that and make you money in the process.

Lay Patient Navigators

  • Work at top of license
  • Offload responding to non-clinical issues such as social determinants of health
  • Increase capacity of clinical team
  • Reduce inbound calls from anxious patients
  • Reinforce clinical education, such as red flags, medication literacy, etc.
  • Aggregate records from other sites of care
  • Allow current staff to manage a greater volume of high-risk patients
  • Increase patient activation, to reduce cost up to 31%
  • Improve federally mandated quality metrics including patient satisfaction ratings
  • Improve patient use of technology including portals
  • Support key elements of health literacy across patient population
  • Improve revenues